“President of ESTONIA Kaljulaid: to be an Estonian today’s Europe is proud”

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President Kersti Kaljulaid told the daily, speaking at the conference, the more we have faith Estonians into existence, it is easier for us to feel the Europeans, “after all this the Estonia we wanted? To make our people with good ideas to improve the lives of people in Brussels, Vienna and Berlin. In order to turn their good ideas to make our life better here. That Estonians would be proud to mark, not the poor cousin somewhere to Russia. “

President Kaljulaid said to be an Estonian today’s Europe is proud because our partners will continue to recognize the generosity of its development for us, what we have achieved 26 years and is also a great deal on their own with support. “Continuation of ours generosity, now and in the future, as our partners have continued generosity us for help. They did not have to do it, “the president said Kaljulaid and added that the European Union, Estonia does not require any concessions to be important for us. “We can feel themselves as Estonians firmly than ever. The more we have the faith to its original position Estonians into existence, it is easier for us to feel as well as Europeans. One complements the other, and there is no contradiction between the two, “added the head of state.

Kersti Kaljulaid President stressed that being European is not merely a mathematical equation, which is based on the amount of subsidies available in Euro or geographical location. “Usually people being European is truly a great freedom of choice in their daily lives or realize their dream. These freedoms are of course particularly great in the Union – but it is certainly bigger in the global space. How much visa-free regime should be served less effort for us, because we are in the EU. How much turulepääsemisi are open to us as an EU Member State. European Union citizens have the darn easy to be a citizen of the world, “explained the president Kaljulaid.

The Head of State also spoke about the fact that exists in Europe and growing East-West, openness-closeness between the opposition and of our societies, the pillars of the rule of law in jeopardy here and there, forcing ponder over whether something is going to go otherwise, and whether it is different from the suit us, more or less. It is important to discuss the European Union’s president Kaljulaidi estimated future issues, not only for budgetary purposes and the euro following the grant. “Hitting a fist on the table and his right to the chase could give many a nationally plus point. But an honest politician should people say – because of Estonia’s future is more secure and prosperous successfully developing the European Union, the future of the building may require sometimes these concessions, which are not the easiest to understand, and perhaps this narrow field’s not 100% of our interests in accordance with the “said the president, Kersti Kaljulaid.

Krishan Chand

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