“President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid in Kiev: the fight against corruption requires clear political support”

Kaljulaid_NABU2 (1)

President Kersti Kaljulaid visited the National Anti-Corruption Bureau in Kiev, Ukraine, today where she gave a presentation at a training of investigators that took place in the office.

“Apart from war, corruption is the main factor in slowing down the development of Ukraine. For the fight against corruption to be successful, it needs to have strong, visible and unconditional support at all levels,” said President Kaljulaid after the meeting with the Head of the Bureau, Artem Sytnik. According to the Head of State, it is important to focus on making society understand what corruption is. “The barriers to reporting related incidents and the response to these should also be made as low as possible,” she added and emphasized the importance of third sector organizations in enhancing the corruption sensitivity of society.

Apart from problems in the public sector, the Head of State also spoke about the importance of dealing with corruption in the private sector. “To allow the economy of a country to grow, the state to develop and enhance the well-being of the population, we need a business environment where investors can feel that their rights are well protected,” said President Kaljulaid. The Head of State also said that the special committee, led by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, involved in the protection of the rights of investors, promised to hear the cases of Estonian investors related to Skymall and Zatoka promenade this May.

Over the years, Estonia has also contributed to the fight against corruption in Ukraine. “We have trained experts and shared our experiences. But aside from investigation, it is important to have an effective court system. It is not enough to focus on corruption when there are no tools available to take cases to court and reach some real settlements,” said the Head of State, referring to one more issue of importance, and emphasizing Estonia continued support to Ukraine and for its implementation of the required reforms.

The President of the Republic is on an official visit to Ukraine. Tomorrow she will visit the war zone in Eastern Ukraine to review the situation there and will be the first head of state.  Photos: Office of the President of Estonia

Krishan Chand

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