“The delegation of the Estonian Parliament to the Baltic Assembly is taking part in the 37th session of the Assembly in Vilnius”


The Estonian delegation to the Baltic Assembly (BA) is taking part in the 37th session of the Assembly, which is taking place today and tomorrow in Vilnius. The key topics are the regional security of the Baltic states, common power and gas market, and alcohol policy. The development of the Rail Baltic project and the establishment of the Baltic Culture Fund will also be discussed.

The Head of the Estonian delegation Aadu Must said that a joint cultural fund would tighten the cooperation between the cultural figures of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. “Funds become available for applicants next year already. The goal is to introduce the Baltic states to the international audiences with the help of exciting and groundbreaking cultural events.”

The Vice-Chairman of the BA Security and Defence Committee Urve Tiidus said that broader regional cooperation of the Baltic states would enhance our security. “At its sitting yesterday, the Riigikogu ratified the Agreement between Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on Mutual Assistance and Cooperation in the Field of Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, and Response. The security and defense cooperation of the Baltic states are the key topics at the BA session in Vilnius,” Tiidus added.

Also taking part in the session are the President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor, Vice-President Enn Eesmaa, Deputy Head of the Estonian delegation Johannes Kert, and members Monika HaukanõmmHelmen KüttErki Savisaar, and Rainer Vakra.

The BA Session concludes with the passing of the Resolution and the signing of the Final Document. At the end of the Session, Lithuania will hand over the presidency of the Baltic Assembly and the Baltic Council of Ministers to Latvia. The new president of the BA will make a speech.

The BA Medals and Prizes in Literature, the Arts, Science, and Innovation will be awarded at a ceremony tonight at 7 p.m.

Krishan Chand

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