“Romanian Tiger Classic fitness athlete 2019,3rd prize winner Estonian fitness athlete Johanna Derkun last night arrived back in Tallinn”


As a third competition, this spring season Laura Johanna Derkun took part of

the Romanian Tiger Classic”

Fitness athlete Laura Johanna Derkun speaking: I have always been drawn to Romanian vastness and mystique and as I embarked on my voyage to Romania, I felt that something great will happen!
Romania with its controversies where abundance abounds in poverty attracted me right away – I felt like being thrown around a bizarre time warp.
Romania tends to be very open and warm people with a good sarcastic sense of humor with deep family and faith values. 

Nothing in this life comes easy for me, so I ´m not taking anything granted. I believe there’s only one thing you can’t go without if you want to succeed – and that’s hard work.
Successful people had put in tons of hard work before they receive anything in return, so there is nothing to expect overnight. While working hard on what you believe in, you begin to respect yourself and your time.

As an athlete, you also have to have the right mindset, right body condition, and self attitude to become a winner. Especially in fitness, where subjectivity plays a big role.
I am so grateful that I have found trainers, who believe in me. I found it very important, that trainer and trainee have a relationship, where both sides are able to acknowledge their goals and the obstacles they perceive in achieving it and more importantly – both can be totally honest.
My trainer’s leadership has helped me grow into my potential where I would not be where I am today without them.

As a mother of two adventurous boys, student of the master’s degree and working person, I wouldn’t do that without my family and supportive friends, who are always believing in me. For me, it is kind a team-work.
I can say today, that if you want something to have bad enough, then nothing can really stop you unless you do yourself!
Fitness teaches you in a quite robust way, that yesterdays last can be tomorrows first, that if you want it, you work for it and – no offenses!
The issues of fitness lifestyle can be deeply personal, don’t expect others to understand it, neither try to change the way your friends or family may respond to it – cause sometimes people around you won´t understand your journey, but because it’s not for them, they don’t need to.

After fourth place in Sweden Grand Prix this spring, two fifth places from my home town in Tallinn, Estonia, I got a bronze medal from Romanian Tiger Classic competition. Am I satisfied? Yes. But I feel, it is only beginning of a great journey, not a destination.




Krishan Chand

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